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Frequently Asked Questions

Pools of Noosa is proud to be a local, Sunshine Coast, family owned business.
With a passion for building beautiful concrete swimming pools, we have been designing and constructing swimming pools, from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, for more than 30 years.

What is the difference between a fibrelass pool and a concrete swimming pool?

Concrete swimming pools are custom designed to fit your space, fibreglass pools are manufactured to standard specifications and therefore provide limited choice.

What is a concrete pool?

A concrete pool is constructed from form-work. The form-work in a swimming pool is a shaped steel cage which follows the contours of the extracted land. The steel cage is sprayed with concrete on-site, this is then finished with tiles, pebblecrete etc.

Is Pools of Noosa properly licensed to build swimming pools?

Yes. Pools of Noosa is licensed to build pools Swimming Pools in Queensland through the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission – Lic No. 15125121). Before you accept a quote or sign a contract with any pool builder it is important to check with QBCC that the pool builder is properly licensed.

Pools of Noosa

How long does it take to construct a pool?

Pools of Noosa build our swimming pools to a 5 stage process:

  • Stage 1 – Quotation and Working Drawings
  • Stage 2 – Document Lodgement
  • Stage 3 – Swimming Pool Construction
  • Stage 4 – Handover
  • Stage 5 – After Completion

Click here to view information regarding this process. Speed of construction is determined by a variety of factors such as local council the site is situated in etc. Contact Pools of Noosa for a construction estimate timeframe in your location.

Who organises the paperwork and permits etc..?

Pools of Noosa take care of all the paperwork when building your pool. Items such as the building permits, soil test, engineering and pool certification all form part of our building process.

How soon after installation can I use the pool?

Once we complete handover and explain how to operate your new swimming pool (end of stage 4), you are ready to swim.

What size pool and what depth pool are available?

All pools that Pools of Noosa construct are custom designed to suit your land and your requirements (including size and shape). Depending on your site, depth is usually determined by the client.

Can you incorporate water features or a spa to the pool design?

During Stage 1 of our pool build process you work with our pool designer to incorporate items such as water features, spa’s, swimming jets, pool tiles etc etc… If you have seen something that you like in a swimming pool magazine or online that you really like, let us know and we will work to build the feature in to your new pool.

We are limited with access to our garden, can we still build a pool?

Get in touch with Pools of Noosa for a free, on-site consultation. We will be able to assess site access, space for the build and give you some ideas as to the pool design that will fit. You will be surprised how a small space can still allow for a large pool.

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We focus on creating sophistication and functionality

Swimming Pools built by Pools of Noosa are designed to suit your requirements, sourcing only the best materials and providing the highest quality finish available. The current trend is for shallower pool design, offering low maintenance and lower cost / ease of heating.

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We offer you a simplified and complete package when it comes to building your new swimming pool.

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Our latest pool designs are integrated into living areas and even wrap around alfresco areas.
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