If you are thinking “unique” then think “tiled”


To tile or not to tile, this is the question to ask yourself. The pebble crete world has grown in leaps and bounds. No more gravel rashes from rough stone pebble just the smooth finish of glass beads and easy maintenance. However, the tiled pool still sits in the solid, reliable and always stunning box. The colour choice, the creative input, the ease of maintaining will always shine through as a winner.
The choice to fully tile your swimming pool is always yours to make. At the end of the process, the cost is a little higher than pebble crete however in the long run tiles will last seemingly forever, so long as a professional lays them. Pools Of Noosa will take every care to ensure your tiled pool will be as good in the future as when it is first laid.
The choice of tiles is vast coming in all sizes and colours, our professionals will help you with your choice by looking at location, needs and surrounds. If you are thinking “unique” then think “tiles”.